Since today the latest Version 3.2.0 of Struts2 jQuery Plugin is available. The main change is the switch from jQuery 1.5.2 to the latest version 1.6.4 of the jQuery 1.6.x releases. You can now benefit from all the improvements and performance optimizations from the jQuery 1.6.x versions.

If you are using third party jQuery plugins, be sure the are working well with this jQuery version.

Except the library updates there are over 20 solved Issues with this release. Especially the Datepicker, the Dialog and the Tree Tag are improved.

Library Updates

For a complete list of changes since last version, please visit the Changelog.

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Struts2 jQuery Plugin 3.2.0 released
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One thought on “Struts2 jQuery Plugin 3.2.0 released

  • 2012-01-18 at 16:26

    There is provision about supporting to set the column width in percentage instead of pixels in jquery grid plugin in future versions? Thanks


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