The new Version 3.1.0 of Struts2 jQuery Plugin is now available with an improved Tree and Autocompleter Tag and a new Timepicker Addon for the Datepicker Tag.

A improved Tree Tag

The Tree Tag provides now support for different Node Types and support for Context Menus. Two new Tree Tag examples in the Showcase explain how to use this new Features.

Struts2 jQuery Tree Tag with Types based on jsTree

<s:set id="contextPath" value="#request.get('javax.servlet.forward.context_path')">
<sjt:tree id="treeTypes" jstreetheme="default" openallonload="true" types="{
			'valid_children' : [ 'root' ],
			'types' : {
				'root' : {
					'icon' : { 
						'image' : '%{contextPath}/images/root.png' 
					'valid_children' : [ 'folder', 'file' ],
				'folder' : {
					'icon' : { 
						'image' : '%{contextPath}/images/folder.png' 
					'valid_children' : [ 'folder', 'file' ],
				'file' : {
					'icon' : { 
						'image' : '%{contextPath}/images/file.png' 
					'valid_children' : [ 'none' ],
	<sjt:treeitem title="Root" type="root">
		<sjt:treeitem title="Folder One" type="folder">
			<sjt:treeitem title="File One" type="file">
			<sjt:treeitem title="File Two" type="file">
		<sjt:treeitem title="Folder Two" type="folder">
			<sjt:treeitem title="Folder Three" type="folder">
				<sjt:treeitem title="File Four" type="file">
			<sjt:treeitem title="File Three" type="file">


An other offen requested feature the Timepicker is now available. This is an enhancment of the existing Datepicker Tag.

Struts2 jQuery Datepicker Tag with Timepicker Addon

<sj:datepicker id="time0" label="Select a Date/Time" value="%{new java.util.Date()}" timepicker="true">
<sj:datepicker id="time1" label="Select a Time" value="%{new java.util.Date()}" timepicker="true" timepickeronly="true">

A improved Autocompleter Tag

It is now possible to display the List Value instead of the List Key. See Issue 395 for detailed informations. Also you can now specify a List Label which is displayed during the search.

Libary Updates

For a complete list of changes since last version, please visit the Changelog.

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Improved Tree and Autocompleter Tag and new Timepicker Addon
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4 thoughts on “Improved Tree and Autocompleter Tag and new Timepicker Addon

  • 2011-09-05 at 14:47

    I have a question.
    I am using struts2-jquery Plug-in now.
    In the Showcase,
    I click the grid demo, How and When to load the jquery.grid.struts2-3.1.0.js file?
    help me,Please.

    • 2011-09-05 at 16:59

      The grid plugin loads all resources on demand when it is necessary.

  • 2011-10-14 at 00:46

    Sorry for the off topic, but i have a little question, maybe you can help:

    Why the tooltip won’t show? I’am doing something wrong?


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