Introduction into Struts2 jQuery Grid Tags


  1. Dinesh Karki

    love it,it’s great

  2. Raji

    I have a problem in retrieving the date column of an sjg column from the corresponding action class.The date is properly displayed on the page which is picked up from json action class when the grid page is loaded. I am trying to get the date in a java.util.Date field of action class and to save the record but all other fields that is strings integers are working but when trying to add/edit a record’s date field not entering into the execute function of the action class and it is going to action input type. Is the format required is in a particular format? I tried a sample with sj tags date picker it was working fine.My only doubt is, Is there anything to do with the json object over here.
    It would be great if you could help me by any ways.
    Thanks in advance..

    1. Atin Banerjee

      It is Most easy way for solve this problem

  3. china zhang

    I want know how to validate the input from the addRow button?

  4. Abhiyank

    I am trying to implement a select box in search dialog for a grid column. I found this:- .
    now i am doing exactly same thing but still not getting any list in search dialog.
    My jsp looks like this:

    1. jogep (Post author)

      Can you please ask this question in the User Group?

      Please add some Code examples.


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