The new version 2.1.0 of Struts2 jQuery Plugin is released. With this new version, the plugin loads dependent JavaScript files on demand. This feature makes the plugin much better extensible for own extensions and reduces the initial load of the first load of a page.

Based on the new structure of the plugin the jqGrid Feature is not longer a part of the core plugin. It is now available as a separate extension of the plugin.

There is also a new richtext extension available, that is based on the latest version of popular CKEditor. This allows an easy integration of the richtext editor in your web application.

The Plugin includes now the latest version of jQuery UI 1.8.1, so if you use a custom theme it is recommended to update this in the ThemeRoller. For more information and the changelog for 1.8.1 please read the blog post from jQuery UI.


  • Upgrade to jQuery UI 1.8.1
  • Head Tag attribute jqueryui is now true by default
  • various new examples in the showcase
  • The grid showcase is now a maven module and part of the release cycle
  • Solve Issue 77: Grid Sample not working properly in IE
  • Solve Issue 94: customBasepath doesn’t affect the .js path
  • Solve Issue 113: Load needed JavaScript? and CSS resources on demand
  • Solve Issue 114: Support for new replaceTarget Option in form plugin
  • Solve Issue 115: Grid with locale code ca(catalan) doesn’t work. jQuery and grid differs at the name of the catalan locale(ca-cat)
  • Solve Issue 116: pepper-grinder theme
  • Solve Issue 123: Implement a debug mode
  • Solve Issue 124: Make it possible to easily extend this plugin for custom extensions
  • Solve Issue 125: Dialog cannot set position with array of String or Pixel
  • Solve Issue 126: drag and drop grid rows
  • Solve Issue 127: onChangeTopics not working for textarea and textfield.
  • Solve Issue 128: onChangeTopics with <sj:checkboxlist>
  • Solve Issue 130: Add Showcase Example how to extend the plugin with custom functions
  • Solve Issue 131: Add a Richtext Editor Widget to the plugin
  • Solve Issue 132: Scrolling does not work properly
  • Solve Issue 134: Move Grid Feature in separate struts2-jquery-grid-plugin
  • Solve Issue 135: Enable Maven Support for Grid Showcase
  • Solve Issue 138: Upgrade to jQuery UI 1.8.1
  • Solve Issue 139: attribute parentTheme does not work well with css_xhtml theme
  • Solve Issue 141: Override the param names
  • Solve Issue 146: <sj:dialog> makes multiple AJAX calls
  • Solve Issue 148: Sortable grid option not working

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Struts2 jQuery Plugin Version 2.1.0 is released
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