New Version 1.8.2 of Struts2 jQuery Plugins is released.


  • Enable Subgrid Feature for Grid Tag
  • New Grid Showcase together with Full Hibernate Plugin for Struts2
  • Upgrade jQuery BBQ to 1.1
  • New Velocity Example in Showcase
  • Fix Issue 45: AJAX form submission with href parameters
  • Fix Issue 50: gridModel parameter is compulsory, but not used
  • Fix Issue 51: url parameters escaped
  • Fix Issue 53: Meaningless viewrecords information
  • Fix Issue 58: New Attribute formoptions for GridColumn Tag
  • Fix Issue 59: tabbedpanel spinner cannot be disabled using empty string value
  • Fix Issue 60: Distorted Divs in Local Tabs
  • Fix Issue 63: Submit is not working in Velocity

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Struts2 jQuery Plugin Version 1.8.2 is released
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