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Struts2 jQuery Plugin 3.6.0 and Struts2 Bootstrap Plugin 1.6.1 available

Struts2 jQuery Plugin This release is mostly a maintenance release, this means it includes a new jQuery, jQuery UI and related Plugins Software Stack but also some Bug Fixes. For a complete list of changes since last version, please visit…
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Version 1.2.0 of Struts2 Bootstrap Plugin released

Since the First 1.0.0 Release of Struts2 Bootstrap Plugin there are some important changes. Maven Support Like promised in my previous post, this Plugin is now available as Maven Artifact. <dependencies> … <dependency> <groupId>com.jgeppert.struts2.bootstrap</groupId> <artifactId>struts2-bootstrap-plugin</artifactId> <version>1.2.0</version> </dependency> … </dependencies><dependencies> ……
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