Preview for Struts2 jQuery Mobile Showcase

For an better support of mobile development with Java and the popular MVC Framework Struts2, I include in the next version of Struts2 jQuery Plugin a new Module based on jQuery mobile. Planned Features of the Struts2 Mobile Plugin are an easy AJAX support and a jQuery mobile theme for form elements. I just upload the current development showcase for the new Struts2 jQuery Mobile Showcase. Struts2 jQuery Mobile Showcase The current module and showcase is based on the jQuery mobile alpha 3 release. I'm always open to suggestions.


  1. alex

    Fantastic! This is a welcome development

  2. Darshan Shroff

    This is AWESOME news…

  3. vector

    thanks for the good news

  4. Hector

    I am using this plugin in my current development and it has been very helpful developing a mobile app. It is really fantastic.

    I am having trouble catching the selected item of a list in the server side. Here is the code:

    JSP code:

    The method of the action is executed but I wonder how should I catch the selected item of the list in my java action class.

    Could someone please help me?

    1. jogep (Post author)

      Please use for Questions the User Mailing List. There you can also post code examples. 🙂


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