Version 1.5.0 des Struts2 jQuery Plugin freigegeben

Nach umfangreichen Änderungen in der Architektur sowie einigen Neuerungen des Struts2 jQuery Plugins, habe ich das Release 1.5.0 freigegeben. Seit der Version 1.0 gab es folgende Änderungen:
  • AJAX Textarea and Textfield
  • AJAX Select Box (mit Struts2 JSON Plugin)
  • Support for Topics
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  1. Morten

    Hi. I am trying to use your struts2-jquery-plugin. However, I have some problems.

    This is the scenario. I have a huge form, this form contains a login dialogue. I want this login dialogue to open in a DialogTag (this is working). The Dialog contains the submit button which I want to use for posting the main form. I have tried using the SubmitTag, but this only submits the input values in the main form, not the input values in the login dialog.

    Do you have any thoughts about this? don’t hesitate to contact me by email and I can provide code samples as well.

    1. jogep (Post author)

      Do you have a form in a form?

      You can specify the form for the submit button with the attribute formIds. Like the “AJAX Forms with Outside Button” Examples in the Showcase. Be sure you have unique Ids for your buttons and forms.

      If you have more problems you can use the new created User Group.

  2. bosancero

    Vielen Dank erstmal für das tolle Plugin.

    Leider habe ich ein Problem mit der Struts 2 Version.
    So wie ich das sehe ist dein Plugin nicht allzusehr abwärtskompatibel. Welche Version des Plugins wäre für Struts 2.0.9 am besten geeignet?
    (bevor ich anfange die ganzen jars 5 6 mal hin und her zu schieben bzw. zu erstellen)

    1. jogep (Post author)

      Ich habe leider keine Testumgebung gehabt um das Plugin mit struts2 2.0.x zu testen. Mit allen 2.1.x Versionen sollte es kompatible sein.

  3. Jabier

    I was using your struts2-jquery-plugin but I have a litle problem…

    FreeMarker template error!
    Error reading included file template/simple/dynamic-attributes.ftl
    The problematic instruction:
    ==> include “/${parameters.templateDir}/simple/dynamic-attributes.ftl” [on line 36, column 3 in template/jquery/a.ftl]

    I really want to work with the plugin, please help me, thank you!

    1. jogep (Post author)


      do you know which tag provides this error?

      For discuss about this failures I create a user group.

      I think this is a better place to communicate about this error.

  4. jogep (Post author)

    do you have the struts2-core.jar in your WEB-INF/lib folder?
    freemarker can#t find the dynamic-attributes.ftl which is located in the struts2-core.jar

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