ApacheCon: Core Europe 2015 talk about java web applications with Apache Struts2 and AngularJS

Last week I attended as a speaker at the ApacheCon: Core Europe 2015 conference in Budapest. I enjoyed a nice and interesting conference and my first time in Budapest. During this conference I gave a talk about Struts2 in combination with AngularJS and the upcoming Struts 2.5 release.

My slides to this talk are now also available at slideshare.


  • Changes in the upcoming Struts 2.5 release
  • How to quick start with Struts2 and AngularJS
  • Use Struts2 REST Plugin for RESTfull actions
  • How to manage exceptions in single page applications with AngularJS
  • How to use new bean validation plugin in Struts2 applications
  • Support for multi language

The example application used for the Live Demos is available at github.com in the struts-examples repository. https://github.com/apache/struts-examples/tree/master/rest-angular

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