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jQuery UI Menu support with now released Struts2 jQuery Plugin 3.5.0

Posted by jogep on 17 Dez 2012 | Filed under: Allgemein, java, jQuery, projekte, Struts jQuery Plugin, struts2, Struts2 Bootstrap Plugin

With jQuery UI 1.9 this popular JavaScript Library provides a Menu Widget, which is now also available in the Struts2 jQuery Plugin. jQuery UI 1.9 includes some API redesigns which also touches the Struts2 jQuery Plugin. So please respect the Upgrade Guide. Menu Tag The Menu Tag can be used with some manually added Menu […]

Whats New in Struts2 jQuery Plugin 2.4.0

Posted by jogep on 07 Sep 2010 | Filed under: java, jQuery, projekte, Struts jQuery Plugin, struts2

Version 2.4.0 of Struts2 jQuery Plugin is now available with a lot of new features an improvments. Now there exists a new Chart Modul which is based on the popular jquery flot project. The new chart tag renders a chart with data given from a list or an ajax source. Checkout the new examples in […]