Struts2 jQuery Plugin Version 4.0.1 with support for Struts 2.5 and for jQuery Datatables is released

The version 4.0.1 of the Struts2 jQuery Plugin is now finally available in the maven repository. This is the first released version which is compatible with latest Struts 2.5.x version.

This version contains some breaking changes, so please update carefully! First of all it is now based on jQuery 2.2.4. That means that older Internet Explorer versions are not longer supported anymore. Also the jsTree and the CKEditor component was updated to a newer version with some breaking changes.

Because of big contributions from @flofourcade and Stefaan Dutry, I'm now happy to announce that the Struts2 jQuery Plugin also supports the widely used jQuery DataTables project as an alternative to the jqGrid project and an improved support for the jsTree component.

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